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To an individual, a full century is a long time. It reflects many golden days and dark years.
In the history of the world, however, a century is like a blink of the eye; a single drop in the bucket of evolution. 
For an enterprise, reaching the one hundred year mark represents a great accomplishment. 
Years of development, hope and aspirations have come true. For a Chinese company to successfully build upon itself for a full century is indeed a major achievement. Over the past 100 years the Chinese nation survived the many ups and downs of world events and internal struggles to wash away the disappointments and to be reborn into a great nation. 
Our national enterprise has traced its success alongside that of this great nation to rejuvenate national hope and to stand proudly in the world with dignity and distinction. 
Here, at Dalian Insulator all of our people can proudly appreciate the past and the present. 
Come with us on our continuing path toward achievement and excellence. Join our people while we create a rewarding sense of identity and belonging to a superior Group. 
Over the past one hundred years, China suffered through many calamities such as the loss of state sovereignty, civil wars and chaos. On the positive side, however, China underwent the rebuilding of its regime, a cultural reformation and opened itself up to the rest of the world.
For our company, what especially makes us proud during the One Hundred Years is our spirit and success. During this one hundred year period, we continued with the past and opened up the future. No matter how the environment changes, we continue our struggle through all adverse conditions. Each generation steps forward to accept its responsibility and its mission with persistence and perseverance forging ahead. It is with these attributes that Dalian Insulator stands tall and stately.
What makes us so proud is the company’s refinement and capability demonstrated during the last one hundred years. We are the leading company within the industry, made possible by the efforts of the generations gone before, thus we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors. Because of the country’s upheavals, we have made complete transformations over and over and realized our dreams one by one. We have surpassed others and even ourselves. Today, we can proudly announce to the world that we have submited an satisfactory answer to our predecessors and country with impressive achievements in production, sales and exports. It further motivates our ambitions in our mission and sense of responsibility as a big company embarking on a brighter future.
Yesterday, we were splendid. Today we stand proud in the world.  Tomorrow will be magnificent. In the future, we sincerely expect you will play a role. When writing the history chapters of Dalian Insulator, your support, your assistance and your participation will be the most splendid and beautiful chapter in our history. You will become classic and immortal monuments into eternity, one after one on a new journey which will become one of our legends.
My dear friend, please follow the steps of our memory which reflect our beautiful history. Please rejoice in our corporate culture which demonstrates humanity and mutual assistance which are entrenched in the beautiful stories of the past. We sincerely invite you to give us your attention.
Please approach us or join us to become part of our family. After you become familiar with our motivation and persistence over the past one hundred years, we sincerely believe that the cordial and friendly setting will arouse your enthusiasm. Let us hold hands and write a new chapter in the history of Dalian  Insulator Company.