Our company has a strong research productivity and R & D means, as a leader and pioneer of Industry technology research, the


company on ultra ( high) pressure product design, development and production scale have an absolute advantage. First developed in the industry AC 420kN double-umbrella, three umbrella, 550kN normal product;2007 has also successfully developed 800kV UHV DC transmission line 420kN fog type, double umbrella, used three umbrella, 550kN fog type, three umbrella products all passed the type test of China electric power Research Institute and the national examination, the product of the performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, filling the domestic blank, meet the needs of the national construction of UHV transmission line. In 2009, the company as the only insulator manufacturer, participate in "ultra-HVDC major complete sets of technology and equipment development and industrialization" project won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress. The same year, our company "1000kV AC power transmission key technology research, development and application projects" by China machinery industry science and technology award Grand Prize .
    In 2007, our company's technology research and Development Center has been identified as the provincial Enterprise Technology Center in Liaoning province; In 2009, Dalian insulator group were identified as high-tech enterprise in Dalian City.